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K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit

Group CSC

Group CSC has the K-9 Services Division for the Central American Region. We select the best-trained K-9 teams with the best experience to ensure excellent execution in the trace detection of drugs, money, explosives, and personal protection.

Our canines are trained to search any environment: containers, airports, naval ports, factories, buildings, vehicles, luggage, correctional facilities, shopping centers, schools, and any public place.

Our Drug Trace Search Dogs have been exclusively selected for an intense search and a passive but firm alert. They have been trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, and methamphetamine. During training dogs are in contact with real drugs to ensure that dogs only identify the essence of illegal substances.


  1. K-9 Drug Search
  2. K-9 Search Phones
  3. K-9 Money Search


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