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Cargo Security

Cargo Security

Group CSC

Group CSC has developed a highly efficient system that integrates human resources, equipment, vehicles, and technology to monitor and control the dispatch, transit, and delivery of containers to their destination.

Strategic positioning of control points located on the major highway routes of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Through our software, authorized personnel in your company can access our website and determine the location of the containers in transit, receiving notifications of dispatch and the arrival of cargo by email.

We provide historical information of times, dates, and locations related to the cargo transported along the safe route.

We provide timely information on situations that prevent, delay, or hinder the transit of cargo and suggest alternatives for the cargo to reach its final destination at the scheduled time.


  1. Vehicle GPS Monitoring
  2. Mobile GPS Monitoring
  3. Patrols
  4. Custodians


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